San Jose Real Estate

San Jose Real Estate cannot be summed up in just one or two words. It is located in a valley and is a thriving metropolis of more than 1 million people. San Jose Homes For Sale ranges from the lower end condo's right now selling for the upper one hundred thousands to the high end mansions that line the surrounding hills. San Jose is located in Santa Clara county and is part of California real estate. There are some areas where you can find very nice San Jose CA homes for sale like Willow Glen, Silver Creek, and the Rosegarden areas. Take care when choosing your San Jose Real Estate because there is a lot to choose from. It is part of the San Francisco Bay area and is only about two hours from Sacramento real estate. San Jose experienced a population boom in the late nineteen eighties during the the technology boom. During this time technology was so on fire that there were years when 6 jobs were created for every San Jose Real Estate housing unit created. As you can imagine this seriously increased the demand for San Jose Real Estate, causing prices to increase to previously unheard of levels. In the last couple of years however San Jose and its real estate have come back down from the heavens. We expect to see some good deals in the not so distant futre. Good luck and happy house hunting. San Jose Real Estate Downtown

San Jose Real Estate San Jose Real Estate