Recon 2020 the movie

Recon 2020 Story line

The Earth is a barren rock of radioactive devastation. The human species has taken to the stars in their struggle for survival against an evil, unseen race from a distant galaxy, the Ma'hars.

The ongoing battle is getting desperate - good thing the humans have their Galactic Marine Infantry to step into the fray. An elite squad is prepped for what has to be a suicide mission in the Caprini system, deep behind enemy lines.

In Recon 2020 Their goal is to reconnoiter the disused colony factories, where there have been indications of mysterious activity. Sergeant Sharp and his team are horrified when they discover part of the Ma'hars sinister plan: Bio-weapons based on human mythological creatures. Zombies, werewolves, vampires...

Attacked by unstoppable cyborg assassins left behind to patrol the grounds, the men of recon 2020 confronted to giant mutated beasts and the former colonists turned into mythical monsters straight out of an old Hammer film, Sharp and his team struggle to bring to light what really happened on Caprini.

That is, until a brand new enemy surface. In Recon 2020 a former soldier with a grudge against the Space Marine Corps. has become the leader of an apocalyptic horde of barbaric scavengers and now works for the deadly Ma'hars. Someone who is determined not to give Sharp a single chance to leave Caprini alive...

And all Sharp and his team have going for them is their guns, their guts and a mouthful of tough-guy talk… See Recon 2020 on DVD.

recon 2020 recon 2020 the movie

Recon 2020 Recon 2020
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