Beyond the Mat

Beyond the Mat story line-Set against the backdrop of a suburban high school in Middle America, Beyond the Mat is the coming of age tale of Aaron Miller, an adopted high school student trying to find himself and find his place in the world.

Aarons friendship in beyond the mat is put on the line when best friend Bo, blinded by the desire for a rematch against cross-town wrestling rival Dominic, robs Aaron of his spot on the varsity wrestling team. Aaron is torn between his loyalty to his friend, his commitment to his sport, and the financial necessity for a wrestling scholarship. Fueled by the desire to succeed and the need to prove himself, Aaron embarks on a journey of self discovery. When Bo suddenly dies, Aaron is forced to set aside his guilt over the death and put things into perspective.

The drama culminates in an explosive finale at the State Wrestling Championship where more than just pride is on the line. Beyond the mat is a tale about two best friends, a chronicle about minority experiences in America, an uncensored look into the perilous world of high school wrestling, and ultimately the story of a teen who overcomes self-doubt to find his true place in the world.

See Beyond the Mat now called Near Fall when it comes out in 2009.

Beyond the Mat Beyond the Mat

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